A downloadable game for Windows

The Legend of Tobimaru is a retro-style platformer fighting game with metroidvania elements that sees you playing a determined fighter who sets out to gain special powers that he can use to protect his clan in future battles.

This demo showcases some of the features that have been implemented for this  alpha. To name a few: drop shadows, crushing rocks, hidden areas, a weather system, doors that are opened by obtaining multiple keys. Although it's not so visible, we have done a tremendous amount of polish, in terms of coding, art, level design, and combat system.

The game will tell you what buttons to press to do various moves. But here's how to play the game.

Current Status: Alpha

Install instructions

Unzip the file, and double-click on demo.exe to launch the game. No need to install anything.

Xbox gamepad is strongly recommended to play this game.


tobimaru-win.zip 56 MB

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