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More polished and fun version (0.5.0) available!
Hi folks! A new version of the demo's up. There are few very important updates in the new build. Reduced flickering of drop shadows Tweaked collision detection...
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Destructible rocks with new effect
Hey folks! We've flashed out the particle effects of destructible rocks getting destroyed, and it feels so much more meaty and satisfying now. It happens pretty...
New demo build packed with new stuff has been uploaded
Hey folks! We've just updated the alpha build with a bunch of exciting new features and tons of small bug fixes. Here's a quick summary of the update: New featu...
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New Feature: Currency & Merchants
Hi folks! We're super excited to announce that we've just completed implementation of a new major feature - Currency and Merchants ! We wanted to keep Tobimaru...
Input Queue for Combo Moves
Hey folks! We've been searching for ways to make it clearer when you can input a move, for quite a while now. But we reckon we've found a solution! We've added...
Attack Animations and Visual Effects - Reworked
Hi folks! It's been about a month since we launched the alpha. Thank you so much to those who played the demo esp. those who also gave us invaluable feedback! W...